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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Ordinance No. 10-957 Adopting 2011 Final Budget
Ordinance No. 10-956 Adopting 2011 Water Rate Increase
Ordinance No. 10-955 Adopting 2011 Sewer Rate Increase
Ordinance No. 10-954 2010 Final Budget Amendment
Ordinance No. 10-953 Authorizing Interfund Loan from Wastewater Fund to Water Fund
Ordinance No. 10-952 Amending Building Code Ordinance
Ordinance No. 10-951 Adopting Certain Portions of KCC Title 11 Regarding Animal Care and Control
Ordinance No. 10-950 Adopting Property Tax Levy for Fiscal Year of 2011
Ordinance No. 10-949 Amending Chapter 19- Environmental Policy
Ordinance No. 10-948 Amending Chapter 18 - Zoning Code
Ordinance No. 10-947 Approving the Master Planned Development for Lawson Hills
Ordinance No. 10-946 Approving the Master Planned Development for The Villages
Ordinance No. 10-945 Amending Chapter 14.04 of the BDMC Regarding Stormwater Regulations
Ordinance No. 10-944 Amending Budget for Calendar Year 2010
Ordinance No. 10-943 Adopting 2009 International Codes
Ordinance No. 10-942 Re-Adopting of Chapter 18.14-Vesting
Ordinance No. 10-941 Subdivision Code Amendments
Ordinance No. 10-940 Animal Control Regulations
Ordinance No. 10-939 Prohibiting Parking on SE 312th Street
Ordinance No. 10-938 Short Term Interfund Loan from Wastewater to Public Works Capital Fund
Ordinance No. 10-937, Authorizing First Quarter Budget Amendment for 2010
Ordinance No. 10-936, Public Safety Levy-April 27, 2010
Ordinance No. 10-935, Amending Chapter 18- Appeal Process and Review
Ordinance No. 10-934, Updating Section 10.04.100 of the Black Diamond Municipal Code-Parking Fees
Ordinance No. 10-933, Amending Chapter 19.04.250 of the Black Diamond Municipal Code - SEPA Appeal
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