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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 06-418 Consultant Services Agreement between Berk & Associates
Resolution No. 06-417 Olympic Environmental Resources for the 2007 SpecialCollection Recycling Event
Resolution No. 06-416 First Addendum to Frontage Improvement Agreement - Hyong Thi Nguyen
Resolution No. 06-415 NOT IN EFFECT
Resolution No. 06-414 Accepting Pace Engineers, Inc. bid for the Comprehensive Water System Plan Update
Resolution No. 06-413 Public Safety Testing, Inc. to Provide Police Testing Servcies
Resolution No. 06-412 Fuel Tax Grant Distribution Agreement
Resolution No. 06-411 Adopting a General Services Fee Schedule, including a portion of Title 27
Resolution No. 06-410 Interlocal Agreement among participating Jurisdictions for the Watershed Basins WRIA 9
Resolution No. 06-409 Consultant Services Agreement between Weinman Consulting LLC and the City of Black Diamond
Resolution No. 06-408 Agreement with the Prothman Company, for Providing the Services of an Interim Finance Director for the City
Resolution No. 06-407 Agreement for Services with AllianceOne Providing Collection Services for the Black Diamond Municipal Court
Resolution No. 06-406 Adopting a General Services Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 06-405 Final Plat Documents for Eagle Creek Plat (Known as Bruckner's Way)
Resolution No. 06-404 September 7, 2006 -Jason Paulsen Appreciation Day
Resolution No. 06-403 Professional Services Agreement with Jason Paulsen
Resolution No. 06-402 Assignment of Rights for the Ravensdale Ridge Forestry Restriction Conservation Easement
Resolution No. 06-401 Requesting that Commissioners of KC Public Hopital Dist. No. 1
Resolution No. 06-400 Stating the City Council's Opposition to KC Hospital District No. 1's May 16, 2006 Spec. Election on Prop. No. 1 Valley Medical Center Annexation
Resolution No. 06-399 Authorizing an ILA for Fire Protection and Related Emergency Services - District No. 44
Resolution No. 06-398 Adopting a General Services Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 06-397 Authorizing the Establishment of a Temporary Firefighter Position and Salary Scale for that Position
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