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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 13-912 Authorizing MOU-7 with the Police Officers Association
Resolution No. 13-911 Authorizing Lawson Street Sidewalk Phase 1 with TIB
Resolution No. 13-910 Authorizing Rock Creek Bridge Project with TIB
Resolution No. 13-909 (Pulled from Agenda will revisit in January 2014) Declaring Certain City Equipment Surplus
Resolution No. 13-908 Adopting 2014 Stormwater Management Program Plan
Resolution No. 13-907 Accepting the Voice of the Valley Bid and Designating it as the Official City Newspaper
Resolution No. 13-906 Authorizing a Contract with Parametrix for On-Call Surveying Services
Resolution No. 13-905 Authorizing the Public Works Department to Purchase the Equipment to Reconstruct the Old Lawson Pressure Sewer System
Resolution No. 13-904 Authorizing a Contract with Salish Construction for the Replacement and Resetting of Electric Distribution Utility Poles
Resolution No. 13-903 Regarding Final Acceptance of the 5th Avenue Water Main Replacement Project
Resolution No. 13-902 Adopting a Capital Improvement Plan for the Years 2014-2019
Resolution No. 13-901 Rejecting the Petition of Village Partners, LP and YarrowBay Development LLC for Formation of CFD No. 2013-1
Resolution No. 13-900 Confirming Mayor's Appointment of Melanie Thomas Dane as Municipal Court Judge and Authorizing to enter into a Professional Services Agreement
Resolution No. 13-899 Authorizing a Grant Agreement with the Department of Ecology for the 2013-2015 Stormwater Capacity Grant
Resolution No. 13-898 (Died for lack of Motion) Adopting Legal Services Contract with Kenyon Disend
Resolution No. 13-897 Authorizing Purchase of Street Signs from Traffice Safety Supply Company
Resolution No. 13-896 Approving Yearly Amendment to Interlocal Agreement with Valley Communications
Resolution No. 13-895 Authorizing Sixth Memorandum of Understanding with the Black Diamond Police Officers Association
Resolution No. 13-894 Authorizing Two Year Transportation Engineering Contract with Parametrix, Inc
Resolution No. 13-893 Authorizing a Cost Reimbursement Agreement with YarrowBay/BD Village Partners, LP for formation of Captial Facilities District
Resolution No. 13-892 Authorizing Interlocal Agreement with AWC Employee Benefit Trust
Resolution No. 13-891 Authorizing and Interlocal Agreement with City of Auburn for Police IT Services
Resolution No. 13-890 (Died for lack of Motion) Accepting RCO Grant for Lake Sawyer Boat Launch Dock
Resolution No. 13-889 Authorizing Investing Monies in Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP)
Resolution No. 13-888 Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Agreement with South County Area Transportation Board
Resolution No. 13-887 Accepting the SE 288th Street Overlay Project
Resolution No. 13-886 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with RH2, Inc. for the Black Diamond Springs Preliminary Alternatives Analysis
Resolution No. 13-885 Authorizing an On-Call Task Request with Parametrix for Survey Work at the Black Diamond Springs
Resolution No. 13-884 Regarding Department of Ecology's Comment Letter on the City's Draft Shoreline Master Program
Resolution No. 13-883 Regarding Forming an Ad Hoc Committee for Exploration of Long-Term Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service Models
Resolution No. 13-882 Authorizing Execution Agreement with Dept. of Transportation for Federal Street Signs Grant (Replacing Street Signs)
Resolution No. 13-881 Authorizing Special Event Permit for Xterra 2013
Resolution No. 13-880 Authorizing the City Council to Approve the Lake Sawyer Community Club 4th of July Activites
Resolution No. 13-879 Authorizing the City Council to Approve the Tough Mudder Special Event Permit SEP13-0006
Resolution No. 13-878 Approving the 2014-2019 Transportation Improvement Program
Resolution No. 13-877 Urging the State Legislature to Pass a 2013 Transportation Investment Package
Resolution No. 13-876
Authorizing Hiring of Lake Electric, Inc. to Wire the Generator at the Shop for Backup Power
Resolution No. 13-875
Authorizing Grant Application for CDBG for Downtown Asbestos Watermain Replacement and Looping Project
Resolution No. 13-874
Authorizing Grant Application to CDBG for 0.5 Tank Repainting Project
Resolution No. 13-873
Awarding 288th Street Overlay Project
Resolution No. 13-872 Confirming Mayor's Appointment of Mark Hoppen as City Administrator
Resolution No. 13-871 Authorizing Execution of Solid Waste ILA with King County
Resolution No. 13-870 Authorizing Purchase of Utility Box for Utility Truck
Resolution No. 13-869 Authorizing Purchase of Public Works Utility Truck
Resolution No. 13-868 Supporting Repair and Expansion of the Power Generation Facility at the City's Spring Site
Resolution No. 13-867 Authorizing Letter of Engagement with Summit Law Group
Resolution No. 13-866 Amending the Financial Management Policies
Resolution No. 13-865 Regarding Acceptance of Donations
Resolution No. 13-864 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Peninsula Financial Consulting
Resolution No. 13-863 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with MAKERS
Resolution No. 13-862 Accepting the Roberts Drive Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 13-861 Removing Section 9.7 from the Council Rules and Regulations
Resolution No. 13-860 Amending Fee Schedule Regarding Building Permit Fees
Resolution No. 13-859 Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Covington for Building Code Services
Resolution No. 13-858 Awarding the 5th Avenue Watermain Project to Iversen and Sons, Inc.
Resolution No. 13-857 Expressing Opposition to a Portion of King County Ordinance No. 17845
Resolution No. 13-856 Declaring Certain Property Surplus to the Needs of the City
Resolution No. 13-855 Updating the City's Official Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 13-854 Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement with Data Pros for Interface for Spillman
Resolution No. 13-853 Authorizing an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement to provide Law Enforcement Mutual Aid and Mobilization
Resolution No. 13-852 Authorizing an Agreement with Prothman Company, for providing the Services of a City Administrator for the City
Resolution No. 13-851 Declaring the City K-9 Dog Sabre as Surplus
Resolution No. 13-850 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement for Public Defender Services with Darcy McPherson
Resolution No. 13-849
Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Olympic Environmental for the 2013 Spring Recycling Event
Resolution No. 13-848
Authorizing a Grant Agreement with the Seattle-King County Department of Health for the Annual Spring Recycling Event
Resolution No. 13-847
Authorizing an Agreement with King County for Water Quality Testing for Lake Sawyer
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