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The Planning Division advises the Administration and City Council on planning related issues and is responsible for two key areas:  Current Planning and Long Range Planning.

Current Planning administers the City’s Land Use Development Regulations including the City’s Zoning Ordinance, Critical Areas Ordinance, Shoreline Master Program, and proposals for compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) through the review of land use development applications for all public and private development proposals.

Long Range Planning develops updates and maintains the City’s Comprehensive Plan, updates Land Use codes, processes annexations and coordinates with neighboring jurisdictions.



Permit Technician - Christine Higgins

Barbara Kincaid - Community Development Director

Community Development

24301 Roberts Drive
PO Box 599
Black Diamond, WA 98010
(360) 851-4447 

Office Hours- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30am to 5:00pm

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Accessory Dwelling Unit
Alter or Extinguish Easements Submittals
Appeal of Administrative Decision
Binding Site Plan Submittal
Clear and Grade Checklist
Coal Mine Hazard Handout

Comprehensive Plan - Docket Submittal Requirements
Comprehensive Plan TEXT AND MAP Amendment
Conditional Use Submittal Requirements
Development Right Certification Information
Environmental Checklist
Final Plat Requirements
Final Short Plat Requirements
Lot Line Adjustments
NOA Notice Board
Notice Board Example
Pre-Application Submittal Requirements

Preliminary Plat Requirements

Sensitive Areas Permit OR Exception
Shoreline Conditional Use
Shoreline Exemption
Shoreline Variance
Short Plat Alter Covenant
Short Plat Requirements Aug 2017
Sign Permit OR Variance Submittal
Site Plan Review
Tree Removal Exemption
Tree Removal Submittal Requirements
Variance Submittal Requirements
Zoning Districts Summary

Master Planning Permit Application



2015 - 2035 Comprehensive Plan adopted May 2019

Zoning Map - Updated 8/13/19

Black Diamond Municipal Code

2009 Comprehensive Plan as amended through December 2012 (Future Land Use Map on page 109) -Posted 01-23-13

Comprehensive Plan Update February 2018. -Posted 02/08/2018. New

City of Black Diamond Design Guidelines
MPD Framework Design Standards & Guidelines
Residential Uses in the Historic Village Core
Multi-Family Development
Business Park / Industrial Areas
Commercial Zones
The Historic Town Center


Certification and Transfer of Applicant
Clear & Grading Application
Planning Master Application
Pre-Application MEETING

Pre-Application Form
Revision- Correction Form
TDR Application
Tree Removal Exemption Application

Citizens Guide to Hearing Examiner Process



City of Black Diamond Public Notice Requirements Matrix for Land Use - Posted 10-25-12

Ecology approved/City adopted Shoreline Master Program amendment document, June 2014- Posted 06-20-14

Sensitive Areas Ordinance


2017 Fee Schedule






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