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I would like to start a business. What do I need to do?

Your first contact will need to be with the Washington State Department of Licensing for your state license.  This department will register your business name.  You may contact them at 360-664-1400 or visit their website at .

Your second contact will need to be with the Washington State Department of Revenue regarding tax information. You may contact them at (253) 382-2000, or visit their website at

You will also need to contact the city or county where your business is located for your local license.

I want to start a business in Black Diamond, what do I do first?

All new businesses should set up a meeting with the Economic Development Department to identify specific rules and regulations associated with the type and location of business.

I want to start a small business out of my home. Do I need a license?

All businesses operating within the city limits are required to be licensed by the city.   You will also need to complete a Home Occupation Form.  This questionairre will be reviewed to ensure Planning Department compliance.  Business License Application and   Home Occupation Form

I am a contractor doing business in Black Diamond. How do I get my license?

The city offers a regular Business License that is good for the calendar year or a Temporary licnese that is good for 30 days. You may click on these links for the appropriate forms. Business License Application    Temporary Business License Application     Fee schedule

I am a subcontractor. Do I need a license?

Each business must have their own license.

How long will it take for my license to be issued?

Licenses are typically issued 15 business days after submission to the City if they are located inside City limits. Businesses located outside city limits will be issued in 1-2 days.

How long is my license good for?

The licensing year runs January 1st through December 31st. 

How will I know when to renew my license?

Renewal forms are mailed out the second week of December with payment due by January 31st. 

I recently sold my business. Do I need to notify you?

Yes. Business licenses are not transferable.

I recently moved my business. Do I need to notify you of this change?

Licenses are issued by address only.  Because of building, fire, and planning regulations business licenses are not transferable.

I will be closing my business. Do I need to notify you?

Notification to the City allows us to update the business license database indicating the status of your business.  This will help in avoiding future unnessary mail correspondence.

I recently opened a second business location. Do I need to notify you?

Yes. Licenses are issued by location and a separate license is required for each location.

Does Black Diamond have a B & O Tax?

No. B & O Tax was eliminated January 1, 2008.

I want to go door-to-door selling merchandise. Do I need a license?

Door to door sales requires a Solicitor's License.  This license takes 10 working days to process and requires a background check. 

I have a group of individuals that I would like to go door-to-door selling for me. Do I need a license?

Each company representative who intends to sell will need to obtain a Solicitor's License.

Exemptions to a Regular Business License:

Minors engaged in babysitting, delivery of newspapers, lawn mowing, car washing and similar activites.

An instrumentality of the United States, State of Washington or any political subdivision thereof, with respect to the exercise fo governmental functions.

All special event organizers or vendors operating at an authorized event so long as each vendor is registered with the event coordinator and has a valid State Business License.

Non-profit organizations, inculding but not limited to religious, civic, charitable, benevolent, non-profit, cultural or youth organizations.

Businesses subject to the City's utility tax, BDMC Chapter 5.08.

Other information:

Additional permits may be required if you remodel your space or there is a change of use from the previous business.

Every business requires a Washington State business license, commonly known as your UBI number.

If you serve liquor or have gambling in your establishment the State of Washington requires additional licenses.

Any farmer, gardener, or other person who sells, delivers or peddles any fruits, vegetables, berries or any farm produce or edibles raised, gathered, or produced by such person within the State.



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