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Public Works Crew (pictured left to right):
Dan Dal Santo, Ken Blakely and Jason Pittam with
Public Works Director, Seth Boettcher


For up-to-date information on projects, check this page frequently as it will be updated to notify citizens of changes, progress and completion dates. If you would like to receive updated project notifications, register at to receive email alerts on projects within the City of Black Diamond.

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Roberts drive


Roberts Drive Improvements - 236th Ave. SE to Bruckners Way
Start Date: April 15, 2019
End Date: Early summer, 2019

The Public Works Department received a grant from the State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) for $450,000 and $46,000 Oakpointe for the Roberts Drive Improvements project. This project will complete the pedestrian link between 236th Ave. SE and Bruckners Way. Completing this gap will also include a pedestrian walkway on the south side of the Rock Creek Bridge with lighted handrails. Work also includes pedestrian lighting, shoulder widening, and a replacement of the remaining portion of concrete road panels with asphalt. Work will begin April 15th and is estimated to be completed in the early summer. Construction of the project will be completed by Goodfellow Bros. Inc. out of Maple Valley.


Fence Prject


New Shop Fence and Gate Repairs
Start Date: April 1, 2019
End Date: Early of April, 2019

The Public Works Department is installing a new fence around the Public Works shop to provide more security for City vehicles and equipment. Along with the new fence, the gate at the old sewer lagoon and a railing at the City’s Swinging Bridge will also be repaired/replaced. The City is covering the costs for these upgrades. Construction of the project will be completed by South Sound Fencing out of Tacoma.







stormwater treatment

SR 169 & North Commercial Stormwater Treatment Facility
Start Date: Summer 2019
Completion Date: Fall 2019

Public Works staff received a Water Quality Improvement Project grant from King County in the amount of $243,643 and was able to use the funds to purchase property at the intersection of Roberts Drive and SR 169. PUblic Works also received a grant from the Department of Ecology in the amount of $676,357.00 more to complete this project, which involves the installation of a stormwater filter vault on the newly purchased property and the installation of storm pipe on SR 169 to capture runoff from SR 169 and the north commercial area and convey it to the new filter vault for treatment, prior to it being discharged into Ginder Creek.

This project would clean up the heaviest stormwater pollutant loading into local receiving waters in Black Diamond.

covington creek culvert replacement

Covington Creek Culvert Replacement
Start Date: TBD
Completion Date: TBD

The Public Works Department received a Flood Reduction Grant from King County for the design work for the Covington Creek Culvert Improvements project. The City had originally explored the possibility of replacing the three culverts at the outlet of Lake Sawyer into Covington Creek (under 224th Avenue SE) but the options for replacing the culverts would not be possible to install in that location due to roadway constraints and costs. The City's consultant on this project, Parametrix, is now working on design to slipline the existing culverts to extend the useful life of the culverts, allow for fish passage, and to protect the roadway above. More funds will be needed to complete the construction of this project. Public Works staff will procure other grant funding for the construciton of this project, which is estamated at $560,000..


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Ginder Creek Trail
Start Date: TBD
Completion Date: TBD

The Public Works Department received a Youth and Amateur Sports Grant from King County to help fund the Ginder Creek Trail, which would provide a trail between Roberts Drive (north of the library) to the intersection of Morgan St. and Abrams Ave. The City has funds to complete most of the trail, which will mainly be gravel and constructed by Public Works staff, but a portion of the trail will cross a wetland where an elevated boardwalk will be required to minimize the impact on the wetland. Elevated boardwalks typically cost at least $1,000/foot and the City would need to construct 150 feet of elevated boardwalk, meaning about $150,000 minimum for this small portion. The city will continue to search for funding or alternative solutions.

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Park Street Improvements
Start Date: Summer, 2019
Completion Date: Summer 2019

The City received mitigation fees to cover improvements to the intersection at Park St. and SR 169. This is a dangerous intersection, particularly for vehicles leaving Park St. and turning onto SR 169. This project would change the traffic pattern for Park St. between SR 169 and the entrance to the parking lot for the Skatepark/Baseball field. This small portion of roadway would become a one-way road between SR 169 and the parking lot, only allowing traffic coming onto Park St. from SR 169. Vehicles will no longer be able to access SR 169 directly from Park St. These improvements would include signage and striping to close off this portion of roadway from eastbound traffic.





Jones lake Overlay


Roberts Drive Roadway Improvements

  “Accepted by Council: January 4, 2018

The Public Works Department received two grants from the State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) totaling $1,151,762 to make improvements to Roberts Drive from Bruckners Way to City Hall. Improvements include sidewalks on the south side of the road, roadway widening with complete overlay, pedestrian lighting, and stormwater upgrades. This sidewalk now connects to sidewalks previously installed as part of the Morgan Street Sidewalk Phase 2 project and the Roberts Drive Sidewalk (Morgan Street to King County Library project). A third grant in the amount of $57,260 was received from TIB to pave the eastbound lane of Roberts Drive from 236th Ave. SE to west of the Rock Creek Bridge. Construction for this project was completed by J.R. Hayes & Sons, Inc. out of Maple Valley.


228th Ave. SE/224th Ave. SE/SE 296th St. Chip Seal

* Accepted by Council: September 6, 2018
The Public Works Department received a grant from the State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) totaling $98,579 for patching and chip seal on 228th Ave. SE/224th Ave. SE/SE 296th St. between SE 312th St. and SE 296th St. This chip seal tied in with chip seal work King County did on the Lake Sawyer Road in 2017. Street patching for this project was completed by Puget Paving and Construction out of Lakewood. Chip Seal work for this project was completed by Doolittle Construction out of Bellevue.















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