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Public Works Crew (pictured left to right):
Dan Dal Santo, Ken Blakely and Jason Pittam with
Public Works Director, Seth Boettcher


For up-to-date information on projects, check this page frequently as it will be updated to notify citizens of changes, progress and completion dates. If you would like to receive updated project notifications, register at to receive email alerts on projects within the City of Black Diamond.

To view information about Small Works Roster consideration, see the SMALL WORKS ROSTER page.



Roberts drive


Roberts Drive Rehabilitation, Phase 1
Start Date: Fall 2016/Early 2017
Completion Date: Fall 2017


The Public Works Department received two grants from the State Transportation Improvement Board totaling $1,266,300 to make improvements to Roberts Drive from approximately 100’ west of the Rock Creek Bridge to City Hall. Improvements include repairs to the Rock Creek Bridge including the installation of a pedestrian bridge on the south side, pervious pavement sidewalks on the south side of the road, roadway widening, pedestrian lighting, and stormwater upgrades. This sidewalk will connect to sidewalks previously installed as part of the Morgan Street Sidewalk Phase 2 project and the Roberts Drive Sidewalk (Morgan Street to King County Library project). This project is currently under design.



covington creek culvert replacement




Covington Creek Culvert Replacement

Start Date: Spring/Summer 2017
Completion Date: Late 2017/Early 2018
The Public Works Department received a Flood Reduction Grant from King County for the design work for the Covington Creek Culvert Replacement project. Design for the replacement of the three culverts at the outlet of Lake Sawyer into Covington Creek (under 224th Avenue SE) will need to be complete by December 2017. Public Works staff is procuring other grant funding for the construction of this project. The City Council awarded the contract to design this project to Parametrix, Inc. on June 16, 2016.







stormwater treatment

SR 169 & North Commercial Stormwater Treatment Facility

Start Date: TBD

Completion Date: TBD

Public Works staff received a Stormwater Capacity Grant from the Department of Ecology for the design of the SR 169 & North Commercial Stormwater Treatment Facility project. The City hired Parametrix to complete the design, which is complete as of January 2015. Public Works staff is currently seeking funding for the construction of this project and received a Water Quality Improvement Project grant from King County in the amount of $243,643. The City needs up to $700,000 more to complete this project.
There is a high priority stormwater outfall at SR 169 and Roberts Drive that discharges pollutants into Ginder Creek. This project would capture stormwater runoff from the north commercial area and SR 169 and transport it down Roberts Drive to City property for treatment prior to discharge into Ginder Creek. This project would clean up the heaviest stormwater pollutant loading into local receiving waters in Black Diamond.











Jones lake Overlay


Jones Lake Road Overlay

Accepted by Council: September 1, 2016
Work performed by: Lakeridge Paving Company
Utilizing a grant the Public Works Department received the State Transportation Improvement Board in the amount of $135,219, the City patched and overlaid Jones Lake Road from the previous Railroad Avenue project to State Route 169. It also consisted of some shoulder widening. This project came in under budget.

water main replacement

Downtown AC Water Main Replacement & Looping Project

Accepted by Council: June 16, 2016
Work performed by: Iversen and Sons Inc.
Replaced old 6” asbestos water main with 8” and 12” ductile iron water main in the downtown area (Baker St. and Morgan St.). Installed new water main to improve water quality and fire flow on 1st Ave. Also replaced corroded iron pipe on Railroad Ave. and completed a loop to Miner St. With the project under budget, an additional 250’ of 8” water main was installed on Commission Street along with a new fire hydrant to provide better fire protection while still keeping the construction under budget. The project was funded by the City and through a grant received by Public Works staff in the amount of $225,000 from the King County Community Development Block Grant program.


RW Scott

Lawson Street Sidewalk Improvements, Phase 1

Accepted by Council: January 8, 2015
Work performed by: R.W. Scott Construction Co.
Public Works staff received a grant from the State Transportation Improvement Board in the amount of $264,691. This project installed approximately 800’ of new sidewalk on the north side of Lawson Street from SR 169 to 6th Ave. along with 150’ stormwater pipe.





sewer plant

Old Sewer Plant Cleanup

Work performed by: Public Works staff
Public Works staff completed the cleanup of the older sewer plant
Public Works staff completed the work for the decommissioning of the old sewer treatment plant. Staff worked with the Department of Ecology (DOE) for permitting and site review, including site visits from DOE staff. Work included removing biosolids from the lagoon in order to formally decommission the plant. This site was in service from the mid-1980s to 1991 when the City connected to the King County sewer system. This lagoon has sat unused and dormant since 1991.



Johansen Excavating

5th Avenue Overlay

Accepted by Council: June 16, 2016
Work performed by: Johansen Excavating
This project repaired roadway and included widening on 5th Avenue from the Diamond Ridge development north to Park Street, and on Baker Street between 5th Avenue and 4th Avenue. This work tied into frontage improvements for Diamond Ridge.





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