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The purpose of the Stormwater Utility is to protect the natural environment from the impacts of stormwater runoff by properly maintaining the City stormwater system and implementing the City’s stormwater management plan.  For information regarding billing, forms, etc. please see the Utilities Clerk page.

To view 2010 Accomplishments, see the 2010 Accomplishments page


“Have you hired a carpet cleaner, painter or pressure washer in the past 2 years, or plan to in the near future? We want to hear from you. We need to learn more about what is important to you when hiring these types of businesses to come to your home.

Please take this online survey.  The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete.


If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact Ben Parrish with the City of Covington at (253) 480-2465.
Thank you in advance for your participation.”








Approved Final Stormwater Report - Posted 11/24/15 (NEW)

2016 Update Stormwater Management Program Plan - Posted 11/24/15 (NEW)

Draft 2014 Lake Sawyer Water Quality Report - Posted 08/14/15

2015 DOE Annual Report - Posted 05/11/16 (NEW)

2014 DOE Annual Report- Posted 03/27/15

2015 Stormwater Management Program Plan

2012 DOE Annual Report - Posted 04/09/2013

2012 Priority Outfalls Survey - Posted 03/19/2013

Environmental Management Plan for Street Waste

2011 DOE Annual Report - Posted 03/30/2012

Water Quality and Yard Care information

Department of Ecology - Stormwater Manual
Volume I - Minimum Technical Requirements and Site Planning
Volume II - Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Volume III - Hydrologic Analysis and Flow Control Design/BMPs
Volume IV - Source Control BMPs
Volume V - Runoff Treatment BMPs

Illicit Discharge and Spills Form

Stormwater Pollution Information

2010 DOE Annual Report
2009 Annual DOE Stormwater Report

Stormwater Comprehensive Plan




Stormwater rate will be billed per month to each parcel of real property within the City. The rate is based on service charges for the stormwater and surface water management utility. For property owners within the city limits, not receiving water and sewer service from the City, Stormwater will be billed monthly. (Click here to read about where your payment for Stormwater goes).

(effective January 1, 2014)

Monthly Stormwater Charge:
Residential $16.00 per ERU
All Others Based on Impervious Surface (exempting gravel)

Link to the West Nile Virus Newsletter on King

Puget Sound Starts Here campaign is to educate and empower Puget Sound area residents regarding what they can do to keep pollution out of our local surface water resources, including lakes, rivers, streams and the marine waters of Puget Sound. The campaign will help residents better understnd that what flows into storm drains is generally untreated and winds up in local waterways.  See the links here for more information: Puget Sound Starts Here or YouTube. Puget Sound Starts Here Campaign- Press Release

For more information regarding stormwater and the NPDES Phase II Regulations visit the MRSC stormwater page or visit the Department of Ecology.

Utility Stormwater Survey Answers - Posted 12/01/15 (NEW)


Never pour oil, anti-freeze, or paint down or near a storm drain or on the ground.
Always recycle used motor oil. Dispose of household hazardous water properly.
Use natural fertilizers and pest control.
Use commercial car washes connected to a sanitary sewer and conserve water by recycling rinse water.
Protect shoreline habitat.
Plant trees and native plants.
Direct rain water appropriately so it can percolate into the soil.


The City of Black Diamond, in accordance with the Department of Ecology Phase II Stormwater Permits has a 24-hour hotline for reporting discharges and spills.
24-hour Hotline: 9-1-1.
This hotline is for reporting releases or spills such as paint, fuel or oil spills, illegal dumping, muddy water, or an unknown chemical being discharged into the City’s stormwater system and/or into lakes/streams.

When reporting discharges and spills, you will need to leave (if known) the name(s) and address(es) of the owner and operator of the site, the location of the site (street address, and latitude/longitude if available); the hazardous substances released and their location (latitude/longitude if available); and your contact name and number (contact information will be kept confidential).

Thanks for doing your part to keep the City of Black Diamond clean and beautiful!


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