1.28.010   Power of initiative and referendum adopted.

The City of Black Diamond hereby adopts the power of initiative and referendum for the registered voters of the city as provided pursuant to RCW 35A.11.080 through 35A.11.100. Such powers are to be exercised as provided in the above referenced sections of the Revised Code of Washington as they now exist or may be amended from time to time and said sections are hereby incorporated in full by this reference.

(Ord. No. 982, § 1, 11-1-2012)

1.28.020   Designation of city clerk.

The city clerk, or his or her designee, is hereby designated as the city officer who may receive an initiative or referendum petition filed pursuant to this chapter. The city clerk is directed to maintain a copy of RCW 35A.11.080 through 35A.11.100, as now or may hereinafter be amended.

(Ord. No. 982, § 1, 11-1-2012)

1.28.030   Rules and regulations.

The city clerk may adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the initiative and referendum process that are consistent with this chapter.

(Ord. No. 982, § 1, 11-1-2012)