2.08.010   Applicability.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply alike to all officers or employees of the city, regardless of the time of appointment, or of the time of the creation of the office.

(Ord. 38 § 1, 1961)

2.08.020   Appointments.

Excepting as otherwise specified by statute or ordinance, each officer may hire any employee assigned to his department. All employees shall be appointed in compliance with laws and regulations applicable thereto.

(Ord. 38 § 2, 1961)

2.08.030   Term of office—Vacancies.

Every appointive-salaried officer or employee shall hold office for a term of one year or until his successor is appointed and qualified. Unless otherwise provided the term of each office shall expire on the last day of April following the appointment.

(Ord. 38 § 3, 1961)

2.08.040   Assignment of duties.

The council shall have the power to assign to any appointive officer any duty which is not assigned by ordinance to some other specific officer; and shall determine disputes or questions relating to the respective powers or duties of officers.

(Ord. 38 § 4, 1961)

2.08.050   Records.

All records kept by any officers of the city shall be open to inspection by the mayor, or any member of the city council at all reasonable times, whether or not such records are required to be kept by statute or ordinance.

(Ord. 38 § 5, 1961)

2.08.060   Salaries.

All employees and officers of the city shall receive such salaries as may be provided from time to time by ordinance. No officer or employee receiving a salary from the city shall be entitled to retain any portion of any fees collected by him in the performance of his duties as municipal officer or employee in the absence of a specific ordinance to that effect.

(Ord. 38 § 6, 1961)

2.08.070   Termination of office.

Every officer and employee of the city upon the expiration of his term for any cause whatsoever, shall deliver to his successor all books and records which may be the property of the city; and if no successor has been appointed within one week after the termination of office, such property shall be delivered to the city clerk-treasurer.

(Ord. 38 § 7, 1961)